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Red Clay Collective Concert September 30 at 8:00pm


Feast of Disobedience October 15 at 6pm



Feast of Disobedience October 16 at 12pm



Feast of Disobedience October 22 at 6pm 



Feast of Disobedience October 23 at 12pm   


"The Player-Story of Passion"  November 19 at 7pm


"The Player-Story of Passion"  November 20 at 7pm 



Large selection of activities.

Each child has his or her own character. And parents have different views on their children's development opportunities. We took that into account in our studio. Here you will find something to your liking: from early development to a dance studio and theater fencing lessons. Individual approach to each child. A small number of children in a group allows the teacher to pay attention to each child, and children to feel cozy and comfortable.
Various activities not only for children but also for adults.

About the creative center and theater-studio "DEBUT"

A creative space where the child expresses his feelings, emotions, becomes himself, tries on roles and realizes his individuality. This is an opportunity to show your charisma and innate talent for some, and become confident and courageous, for others. It is a happiness to perform on stage, confidently stay in front of the cameras and communicate with interesting and enthusiastic peers.