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"Volk I Kozlyata" May 21, 2022 at 5:00pm 


"Volk I Kozlyata" May 22, 2022 at 11:00am


Summer Camp 2022

Registration begins                                                  April 4

Registration ends                                                     May 31

To register please send a text message with child's name age and preferred weeks of attendance to 847-845-4153 


Prices:                                                                   From 8am-3pm $300 per week

                                                                              From 9am-6pm $325 per week 


                                                                              Monthly $1,100 per month 8-3pm

                                                                              Monthly $1,200 per month 8-6pm 

Every Friday will have an open class at 6pm on what we learned that week and show time.




                                                                                June 6-10 Camp Got Talent

Kids will be able to show off their talent- each child will have to perform their own creation either dance, song, skit or create a masterpiece painting

                                                                                June 13-17 Animal Planet

We will have a different animal acting class is creating some of the characters from fairytales and trying to show piece on Friday


                                                                                June 20-24 Alice in Wonderland

We will have a different acting class creating some of the characters from Alice in Wonderland and trying to show piece of Alice on Friday


                                                                                June 27-July 1 Anything Goes/ Adventureland

Since a lot of parents and children will be out of town due to holidays, we decided to create a “anything goes” week. This is the perfect time for anybody to show their individual creativity and imagination.


                                                                                July 5-8       Challenge week/ Fun & Fitness

This is going to be the week where kids will create their own challenge and they can share with others while doing different fitness and exercises. Will have several classes in breakdancing, Zumba, street dancing, yoga, and Pilates.


                                                                                July 11-15    Disney/Fairy Tales

This week children will create their own teams to re-create either their favorite fairy tale or Disney movie.


                                                                                July 18-22 Game Show Mania

This week we will either bring different board games or re-create a game show on TV or come up with our own version of any game show kids will pick

                                                                                July 25-29 Holidays/ Movies

Every day is a holiday somewhere, we will pick our favorite holiday and either will do a small video clip or find a favorite movie

                                                                                August 1-8 Knights and Princess

This is the most exciting week of the whole camp session. We will invite a fencing expert to teach our boys how to fence and show off their skills to our princess during the real medieval times tournament.


                                                                                August 8-12 International Week

This week we will create a different country and discuss traditions and funny holidays.

                                                                                August 15-17 Decade week

This is the last week of camp, lets create different decades from 1800-2022. Kids will be split into different groups and will perform their decade to parents on Friday.

Large selection of activities.

Each child has his or her own character. And parents have different views on their children's development opportunities. We took that into account in our studio. Here you will find something to your liking: from early development to a dance studio and theater fencing lessons. Individual approach to each child. A small number of children in a group allows the teacher to pay attention to each child, and children to feel cozy and comfortable.
Various activities not only for children but also for adults.

About the creative center and theater-studio "DEBUT"

A creative space where the child expresses his feelings, emotions, becomes himself, tries on roles and realizes his individuality. This is an opportunity to show your charisma and innate talent for some, and become confident and courageous, for others. It is a happiness to perform on stage, confidently stay in front of the cameras and communicate with interesting and enthusiastic peers.