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Andrey Grin's School of Acting invites those who want to truly learn and understand the secrets of acting! You yourself will be able to become participants, and join the magic, which for more than a century beckons in the ordinances of miraculous transformations, where in the light of spotlights and ramps shine heroes.
The charm of the theatre is made up of many components. But the main thing at all times in it - The Actor! Learning stage skills, speech and movement, you will be able to further understand and embody in your acting creations the world of heroes of world dramaturgy and literature. We offer you to go on an extraordinary journey through the history of theater and cinema.
Russian theatre art is deservedly famous for its theatrical school, where there are different systems, which include the teachings of both K.S. Stanislavsky, and Mikhail Chekhov and Vakhtangov. We do not give up hope that our students (from 10 years old) will open themselves to the craving for certain values that excite their dreams about acting and bring closer way to get to know themselves. In this cycle of time sometimes it makes sense to stop, to look back, because in life there is a lot of interaction. It is quite possible that one day, it will become a crossroads of fate and will open the way to the realization of the truth.

Andrey Grin

Andrey Grin

Andrey was born in Moscow. He graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography named after N. Cherkasov. In Moscow, he collaborated with director Roman Viktyuk and stage designer Boris Krasnov. Starred in the movie. Since 1994, lives in Chicago. He was a producer of Russian television RTV. He acted as the organizer and producer of the tour of leading Russian rock musicians in Chicago. He studied at the film department of Chicago Columbia College. He shot several short feature films and documentaries, commercials and music videos. As an author and performer, he participated in all-American Russian rock festivals (New York, Chicago).

Creator and artistic director of the photo-video studio “AGStudio Co.” and the producer center “High Note Production”. Permanent presenter of the broadcasts of the Russian radio in Chicago.

The author of a book of poems, stories and drawings "Fantasies of different years." Creator and leader of the show "Your Emigrash". Artistic director and director of the Debut Theater-Studio. As an actor and director, he participated in many theater and film productions. He released several musical albums of his own composition.


Kateryna Kovbasa
Elena Goland

Experienced teachers
More than 10 teachers who are loved by children. The staff of our center employs only professional teachers and coaches.

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