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Theater-Studio "Debut"

                                                            Actor’s Contract 

Congratulations! You are about to be a part of something really special! 

Parents, please take the time to read the following with your actors. When you finish, sign that you both have read and understand what will be expected in the process of this exciting event. 

Children's theatre is fun, creative, and a big commitment.

Your director and your fellow actors want you to succeed.


To be successful you are expected to be at every rehearsal. 

I __________________________________ (actor’s name) and ___________________________________(parents name) understand that, 


1. I will follow the rules and be respectful of my director’s and my fellow actors. 


2. If I have any problems or questions I can always talk to the director before and after rehearsal.


3. Like all performing arts, it takes practice outside of rehearsals. I will come prepared 
with the work the director has asked you to do. 


4. I will challenge myself to make new friends and have new experiences. I will treat all actors as my friends and support them through this adventure. 


5. I will have fun and keep communicating with all the adults that are there to help me. 


6. IF I know you have to be absent, late, or know that I have to leave early, I will tell my director beforehand. 


Photo Release: Pictures may be taken during our class and performance which we may share on our website or in printed materials. No individual names or personal information will be given with the pictures.


By signing below, I agree to allow pictures of me to be shared. 

*We will gladly remove any photos upon your request. 

Sign and return to your  director. 

I __________________________________(actor’s name) 

and__________________________________ (parents name)

have read, understand, and agree to the above. 

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